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Cheryl S. ~ Carmel Valley

‘As third-time parents, we thought we knew what we were getting into with a new baby in the family.  Boy, were we wrong. Ah-Ling and Linda were our salvation with the new baby and a total game-changer for us in the fourth trimester. Ah-Ling was there for us when we came home from the hospital and immediately noticed that our new son was tongue-tied.  She helped walk me through those first weeks in getting him fixed and keeping my milk production up.  Both she and Linda were great at keeping him swaddled and happy through the night and sleeping regularly.  They were very nurturing and from the first meeting, I knew I could trust them with my new little baby.  Ah-Ling and Linda were our saviors through those first three months as the sleep deprivation can be so difficult.  They helped us not only keep our energy up during the day times with our two older children but coaching us through things as “seasoned” parents we took for granted that we already knew. I would highly recommend them to anyone having a child whether they thought they needed help or not.  Having them, even a few nights a week, was a total game-changer and made having a new baby so much easier.  We loved every minute of the nights they were with us and will always think fondly of their time with us!’


Michelle K. ~ Mission Hills

‘Having a Doula help out with your newborn is a very important decision and one that takes a lot of consideration, especially when finding the right Doula, you want to trust in your home and with your baby. I have worked with Beautiful Beginnings twice.  Based on my extensive research, they have some of the most professional, highly trained Doulas.  My experience with her was great.  After several interviews with different doulas and companies, I chose to work with Ah-Ling and we hired her to help as a night postpartum doula. As first-time parents, we needed a lot of guidance on newborn care. She gave us great suggestions about what we needed prior to delivery, helped us organize the nursery, etc.  When the baby arrived, she came every night for about a week from 10 pm – 6 am.  She helped guide me on nursing positions, burping, feeding schedule, sleeping schedule, and other general newborn questions.

When we went to sleep, Ah-ling would sit with the baby to ensure he was OK.  She would quietly come to wake me up when it was time to nurse.  I would nurse, then she would take the baby, burp, change the diaper, and put it back to sleep. She made me light snacks in the middle of the night, and helped organize and fold the baby’s clothes. My husband and I are both high energy/intense people, so we loved having Ah-ling help as she has a very calming touch and gentle soul. I referred her to one of my best friends who also worked with Ah-Ling. I highly recommend her company and services.’


Cindy T. ~ Rancho Bernardo

‘As first-time parents, my husband and I tried to sleep train our son ourselves but were unsuccessful. He was a terrible sleeper and we were at our wit’s end. A friend referred us to Ah-Ling Thayer and it was a game-changer. Ah-Ling stayed overnight with us for three nights to help us with sleep training. She had a very calm, easy-going, and lighthearted demeanor, which helped ease my anxiety about the process. I was a wreck and needed all of the reassurance I could get! My son started to sleep through the night after the third night with Ah-Ling and we are all much happier for it. We have our sanity back, thanks to her!’


Jenny H. ~ Carmel Mountain

‘Ah-Ling Thayer, a doula connected with Beautiful Beginnings, provided amazing support to my family after our triplets were born. She was recommended to us by good family friends who hired Ah-ling to work with their twin baby girls. Ah-Ling helped my husband and I mentally prepare for what was to come prior to our girls being born. From the beginning, she showed confidence in working with multiples and taught us strategies for feeding and sleeping. Her professionalism, knowledge of babies and kindness made us feel comfortable with having her take care of our babies while we slept. We looked forward to her arrival, knowing we could learn new strategies, problem solve and get some rest.  Ah-Ling has a wonderful way with babies. She always looked forward to seeing them and paid attention to their individual attributes. She was gentle and kind.  Ah-Ling was comfortable with and highly successful in taking care of three babies at one time.  Anybody would be lucky to have Ah-Ling’s support in taking care of a newborn.’


Meaghan F. ~ Rancho Santa Fe

‘I can’t say enough about how wonderful and professional the doulas at Beautiful Beginnings are. I was fortunate enough to have had Ah-Ling Thayer work with our twin boys.  Their wealth of knowledge and true compassion for what she does show every time they came into our home. My husband and I felt so comfortable with our boys in her care.  I am so thankful for all they did, not only for the boys but for our family.  The support, care, and knowledge that they bring is invaluable.  I wish I could keep her on indefinitely.  A 5-star rating is not enough!!  I recommend anyone looking for a doula to use Beautiful Beginnings.  Your baby or babies will be in excellent hands.’


Brigette V. ~ Encinitas

‘We had a wonderful experience with Ah-Ling Thayer.  We were very nervous first-time parents who desperately needed some guidance and support from a professional.  Ah-Ling provided all of these needs for us, including breastfeeding support, how to calm a crying baby, and overall newborn care.  She was very tender with our newborn and our daughter was always calm in her arms.  Ah-Ling was also very punctual, organized, and reliable, which is a must when you are a sleep-deprived parent.  We would highly recommend her to our friends and family to help them with their precious newborns.’



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